Client Homework

Don’t worry! It’s fun homework, I promise! Every design process starts by getting to know you and your business; as well as what makes you get the ‘warm fuzzy.’ We’ll start with a meeting and you will complete a simple questionnaire and I will set you up with a private Pinterest board. (At this time 50%  of your fees will be due and 25% non-refundable).

First Attempts

At this stage I will design a basic color palette and first drafts for revisions of logos etc. The basis of this part of the design is to create a few different looks that we can walk away from and essentially ‘marinate’ on. I want to partner with you to create designs that truly encapsulate your brand. Typical time is  3-5 days.

Final Branding

If you just have our branding package, this is where I will deliver your entire deliverables (final payment for this service due). They will be provided in hi-resolution files PNG, JPEG, SVG.  We will double-check if everything looks great to you and if there are any last-minute revisions, I’m happy to help make them (I’m a perfectionist…)

Mockups + Coding

If you’re starting with just our web design package we’ll go straight from the client homework to this step. I will start by creating a basic wireframe to conceptualize your idea, and once you’ve approved I’ll create a Photoshop & Code it into Bootstrap or WordPress based on your budget and needs.


Fine Tune

Throughout the design process I will be staying in contact with you so you will know where we stand along the way. I will then present out the first round of web design for your input and make any necessary tweeks.

Final Design

Yay! This is the most exciting part! (Totally subjective, I know…) At this point, hopefully, we’ve created a dazzling, beautiful brand and/or website.  We’ll meet one last time to go over your deliverables. I will walk you through your brand new website. If you do not have web hosting or domain, of course I will help you get both set up.

Branding Process (2-3 Weeks)

Web Design Process (3-5 Weeks)

Branding + Web Design (4-6 Weeks)

Interested in working with me?

If you would like to learn more or have questions….

Contact Me Here


What type of payments do you accept?

We accept most major Credit/Debit Cards and Paypal accounts. I process my payments via secure payments on PayPal, and unfortunatly, for the security of us both, I prefer this.

Do you offer payment plans?

Good News! Your design contract with me is a payment plan! 50% due at the Client Homework Phase (25% Non-Refundable), 25% due at either the end of  First Attempts or Mockups phases (depending on your package) and the remaining 25% due upon project completion (Final Branding or Final Design).

How long does the process take?

Estimations of project timelines can be found here. When we connect for the Client Homework phase, I will assign a definitive project completion timeline. It can be extremely difficult to nail down project timelines without first seeing reqs! But if it makes you feel better, I started this site (my own) and completed each phase of the design process myself and it took 3 weeks!

How do I get in contact with you?

You can reach me here! Please allow 24hrs for response, I promise I will get back to you as soon as I can!

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